Monday, March 28, 2016

Return of my blogging...

It's been a long while.. in years since I last blog in 2013. Now that I am returning for one reason.. spitting out my grievances.

Due to the highly "shared" technology in the social world and with the people that you add in.. you can't pour out whatever you want freely.

Since last week of Feb, bil officially shifted into my place. Duration: Unknow.
I do not know how long I can house him till but he has definitely making my life haywire.
I tried to be very open-minded about this keeping this belief that I can do whatever I can to help. To be able to help is a blessing in life.

Its been a month since he shifted in. Both his mother and himself just couldn't tolerate each other and had to annoy each other with words and actions.. and mil kept repeatingly saying I am stupid and should not allow them to shift in. In my heart, " hey this is your son.. you are the mother and I am doing this because you are the mother and he is the only elder brother to HC" end up being said as stupid and don't need to see on her account.

In my life, I had never come across such mom that does not love the son and don't bother about his life. Now I had met one.. and only one word is speechless..

In time to come.. I will update my blog faithfully..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unhappy or am i petty???

Friends who knew me know that I am an easy going person. I have high level of tolerance, very good temper and seldom get angry over nitty gritty stuff.

Yesterday I felt that I am going through the worst days in my life.. The mother in law that had stayed with me for the past 7 years gossiped about me.. not that she has never done before but this time I feel that she is simply way too much.

I am a working mum. After a hard and bad day at work, come back home still need to attend to the kids, shower, dinner, washing and hanging of clothings, kid's homework, housework and finally HC's work. End up she can tell people that I dun clean the house, scold the kids very bad.. dunno how to be mother and crazy as well.

Tell me what have I done wrong? Don't I even have any authority to discipline my own kids.. I cant even scold them for dirtying the place.. and scare them by telling them that if they dun get 100 marks his ass will open? U mean she doesn't know how to differentiate the meaning?

I was very very angry, upset. What did I do to deserve her shit. Her mouth stinks to the max. I hope she watches her mouth and behaviour. Karma will come to her. For now, I will endure.


Friday, August 9, 2013

7th August ~ Little Tree House @ Hougang's NDP celebration

This year will be Ryan's last NDP celebration in LTH while it's Reanne's first!

Both kids contributed mini fruit tarts to the school pot luck and parents were invited to join in the celebration.

Reached the school @ 945am and waited for awhile before the school open its door to the parents. When I step in, the kids were excited and of course, some of the younger ones are crying for their parents when they set their eyes at them.

Reanne was not exceptional.. haha.. She saw me, I waved back and went to the back and seated on the floor with Ryan and his friends. This girl saw me and I smiled at her and without me knowing she walk to the back and join me sitting together with me, her bro and his friends! Ok, call her sticky glue!

The programme started by singing some songs for Singapore... The kids holding their art work swaying to the rhythem and had games, story telling. The younger ones are getting cranky and when the programme wrap up with singing the national anthem and pledge.. It's FOOD time. The toddlers had their priority first followed by the older kids.

Ryan and his friends join me and Reanne in eating together. Nice food but didn't get to enjoy much.. hahhaa..

Time to part.. the toddlers are screaming their lungs out for their parents.. same goes to Reanne.. and I was the last to leave cos Reanne was so clingly...

Managed to con her off when she goes for her big business... and the holiday starts today!!!!

6th August 2013 With Lucky Number 111

It's the result day for P1 2014 Phase 2C. I have been keeping track of the updates of the P1 registration faithfully via MOE website and the Kiasu Parents Forum too. Call me Kiasu... who doesn't get the anxiety stress hoping their kids will get into the primary school?

The ballot starts @ 9am. After sending the kids to the childcare, both of us drove back to HPS. Parked the car at the nearby multi storey carpark and walk there.

Upon the reaching, the principal of the school started her speech and presenting each number on the projector with reading out the names.

Hougang Primary School: Phase 2C vacancies: 70
No of Applicants residing within 1km: 114 (2 sets are twins)

Both HC and I were listening carefully for the numbers that was called out. Our numbers were eventually called out. We were the last 15 to be called out.. and yes we were officially in. To be very honest, I wasn't very sure when Ryan's name was called as the dumb father has interrupted me by kicking my legs! Missed that moments of surprise! hahahha.. After everything, we went to the white board and verified it one more time and managed to speak to both the principal and vice principal! Looking forward to receive the letter from the school and the P1 orientation.

My baby boy is going to P1 soon! Hope he will be able to cross all the hurdles and obstacles and excel in his studies!

Ryan's P1 Journery Starts on 30 July

Time flies and Ryan will enter P1 in year 2014.

30th July 2013

Last Tue was the first day of the registration for Phase 2C. Both HC and I went down to the school at 10am. The Q flow was good.. not very crowded but I supposed most of the parents were pretty kiasu cos my Q number was already 108. Due to the MOE's computer congestion, the staff told me and a couple of parents to come back in the afternoon for the registration. (Luckily I took the whole day off).

HC sent me home after that and I did some housework then proceed on to Hougang Mall to drop cheque and have my lunch. In fact wanted to eat Aijisen Ramen but didn't know it had closed it doors and make way for Starbucks.

Took a bus back to home and drop some bags and decided to walk to Hougang Primary School. The walk from home to school was about 8 mins according to my pace. Reached school at 215pm and a lot of parents are already there waiting plus those new parents waiting for registration. Settled everything within half an hour before I left the school and went home for a short nap and a haircut later before picking up the kids from the childcare centre.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Long Overdue Post

Decided to do some blogging since I have a little bit of time now.. (Reanne is sleeping, finally)

Reanne has successfully got herself adapted to the childcare for 2 month.. She hasn't shown any resentment when going to school and I pray that she continue this way.

As for Ryan, he will be going into P1 next year. Initially I have hoped to enrol him into Rosyth School but to be realistic.. I think is going to be difficult as it is one of the best school in Singapore.. Thus I decided to be more level headed and decided to register him to Hougang Pri and should him be unsuccessful, will try Xin Min Pri.

I am worried that he may not be adapting well to the primary school life. I have done some forum checking and know that Hougang Pri is one of the rising primary school in the Hougang neighbourhood. Rather than putting him in Rosyth to struggle, I hope he can learn to float. Please pray and bless that Ryan will go through smoothly in his primary school life.

For family matters, last sunday my washing machine broke down and we headed down to gain city to purchase one almost immediately. When mil came back and I inform her about the machine broke down.. she started grumbling.. Dumb shit. I paid for the new machine she still grumble dunno what.. and ask for extra $50 marketing allowance cos she mentioned there is 4 weeks in this month. In fact  I knew but I don't see the reason for giving her extra as she didn't cook much so why she need to ask for more money. Haiz.. now that I cant blog freely in the FB cos HC has an account now.. so everything has to watch what you say!

I am totally drain out by this household..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reanne's 1st day to childcare ~ 16.05.13

Reanne finally started school on the 16 May 2013. She was excited about going to school.
Ryan was excited as well. He woke up early and prepared himself and after which he woke his sister up and help her with teeth brushing and changing of uniform. I certainly hope that Ryan stays this way in continuing looking after his baby sister.

I was with her on the first day. Glad she enjoyed herself and adapting well just that she will get excited when seeing her Kor Kor. As kor kor goes to the 2nd level for his lesson and will only get to level one during lunch and tea breaks.

Photo talks!